Dave McLaughlin – Clean Ocean Access Executive Director

“The trash skimmers on Aquidneck Island combined with hands-on experiential environmental education activities have generated an enormous island-wide wave of stewardship momentum. Everyone loves the technology & purpose of the skimmers, and each visit, social media post, outreach event, and discussion brings the community together with a common recognition that the global issue of plastic and marine debris in the ocean is a solvable problem and it starts with each of us making better decisions on land.”

Paul Lawrence – Dana Point Harbor

“For Dana Point Harbor the benefits of the skimmer appear to be that it has become a reliable labor-saving device operating 24 hours per day gathering marine debris and utilizing minimal amounts of electricity, which we believe will be a valuable long-term contributor to our water quality program.”

Gabriel Ley – Marina Costa Baja

“The skimmer is working beautifully, and its performance has exceeded our expectations. Without a doubt it was a great investment. We have great reviews from our condo unit owners that live adjacent to the skimmer location, who have recognized the performance of this new equipment.”

Brad Oliver – Half Moon Marina

“…we saw an immediate impact in the area surrounding the skimmer location. We would find a large debris field…after a rain storm. But, the skimmer worked like a charm and due to how efficiently it runs, it has most of the debris gone after a day or two.”

“Not only does it provide an effective way to remove surface trash and drifting vegetation, it also serves as a way to collect and remove pollutants like oil and fuel from the water…with its ability to efficiently filter hundreds of thousands of gallons daily, it has proven to be the work horse of the Marina.”

“Also, with the way the unit exhausts into the water, we have found an abundant quality of marine life flocking to the area.”