Marina Trash Skimmer Product Rundown

Tackling the growing epidemic of water pollution and marine debris is of critical importance and the Marina Trash Skimmer® (MTS) has been designed exclusively for the removal of trash and pollutants at a commercial scale. With a nearly indestructible shell holding industrial-grade components, the MTS is designed to function across the broadest range of installation sites and conditions so that it can make the biggest impact possible.

Keeping marina waterways clear of trash and debris betters our environment and improves marine access and safety but is typically ineffective and extremely time consuming when done with hand nets. Instead of chasing floating trash and organic material around as they floats through or consolidates inside an area, MTS users simply clean out their skimmers as they fill up. Collection intervals will vary with the amount of trash in the area.

The MTS is a stationary unit that should be strategically placed at a specific problem site or deployed as a network of units to protect and clean a larger marine space or ecosystem. Working with the installations sites natural currents, tides and prevailing winds, skimmers work around the clock to collect trash and oil sheen into one easy-to-access location for quick removal and disposal.

Check out the trash that Clean Ocean Access removed from Newport Harbor Marina during their 2016 MTS project and consider the difference our equipment could make a your location.

Additional Information

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