An Interview with the Inventor

I sat down for an interview with the inventor of the Marina Trash Skimmer (MTS) recently in order to give you a better understanding of the product and the man who created it. He has a lot to teach us about this incredible product and the need for action.

Marina Accessories (MAI): Hi Louis, I’m really glad we could get the chance to talk.

Louis Pasoz (LP): Me too! Thanks for having me.

MAI: Let’s start with introductions. What is your name and where are you from?

LP: My name is Louis Pasoz and I’m from San Clemente, California.

Louis Pasoz (left) with Dave McLaughlin (right) of Clean Ocean Access

MAI: What was your inspiration to create the Marina Trash Skimmer (MTS)?

LP: I love surfing; I would go regardless of the weather. One day, I went surfing after a storm and I saw debris everywhere. I decided I wanted to do something about it. I devoted myself to cleaning up the ocean.

MAI: What did you do then?

LP: I researched the issue, and the name Lenny Arkinstall came up as a big environmentalist in California. He had this wonderful story about restoring an entire wetland, and he did it without ever being paid. I found it inspiring. He now takes care of the City of Long Beach, and he has made a big difference in California.

MAI: Wow, he sounds amazing! When did you really start to think about the design of the MTS?

LP: I think around the year 2000, I was having lunch with my wife at Long Beach Harbor and saw the crew trying to clean-up debris in the water. They were on a dingy, using nets to scoop it all up.  When they left, I could see all this debris coming right back towards the area they had just finished cleaning and I thought there has to be a better way! The next day, as I was driving to LA, I was stuck in the worst traffic possible. I used that time to brainstorm a trash skimmer, drawing several shapes and working out details in my head.

MAI: What was your next step?

LP: It took me a while, but I drew out a blueprint and built that first unit myself with the help of a local machine shop. I don’t have a background in engineering, but I am knowledgeable about water treatment operations. I used that training to build this unit. After it was built, I took it to Mr. Richard Miller, who was the City of Long Beach harbor manager at the time. I showed him this model that could potentially clean up his harbor. It was great timing since they were just receiving bids for debris removal equipment. My unit really got their attention.

MAI: Let’s talk about what the MTS does for marinas and oceans. How would you explain the skimmer and its benefits?

LP: The most important thing to understand about the MTS is that it cleans up anything that may hurt marine life. It has been able to clean all sorts of debris, plastic, organics, oil, pelagic plastic, and Styrofoam. There are also micro-plastics that the MTS can collect, which cannot be easily cleaned with a net. The MTS also collects oil floating around the marina. The ocean is critical for human life. It generates half of the oxygen we breathe and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. What happens if we don’t take care of the ocean? What will happen to us? I don’t know if there is a definite answer to those questions, but I do know that taking the first step and installing a MTS is beneficial to our Earth.

MAI: It seems clear that you care deeply about this issue, thank you for sharing that. What made you choose to collaborate with MAI?

A recent MTS installation at the Port of Los Angeles

LP: Well initially, I was looking for a dock manufacturer with growing a presence and could provide a path that market. Bellingham Marinewas a market leader, and MAI was recommended as a prime distributor; selling marina products. I presented the unit’s potential to Everett Babbitt (CEO and president of Bellingham Marine) and Tina Jeffcoat (vice president of administration), who welcomed the idea. Now here we are years later, working together.

MAI: We are glad to be working together, Louis. I understand that getting your product to market is huge. What else would you say was exciting for you?

LP: Well, this entire thing is exciting! I love my product and I am so happy to see it making a difference right now. The recognition of my product is a great accomplishment to me, watching its market expand all the way out to the Bahamas.

MAI: As the MTS expands further and further into the market, do you have any other goals in mind?

LP: One goal is to improve the MTS with every model. We learn and grow with every skimmer we produce. I hope that we can make a lasting impact on the world and that a trash skimmer will become standard in new marinas.

MAI: The problem of ocean debris has become a trending topic, what would you say to people who are considering buying a product such as the MTS?

LP: We are here to tackle the constant dilemma of floating trash in the water and the effects on sea life and on human life. The purpose of the trash skimmer is to help clean our water. This is an industrial sized product to tackle this industrial size problem, and I hope that you feel the same way. Survey the problem areas, go to your local clubs and learn more about the effects of garbage in the water, and think about getting a trash skimmer. We are here to help.

MAI: Thank you Louis for taking the time to answer our questions. I really hope that this gives our readers more insight on the Marina Trash Skimmer.

If you are interested in learning more about the product, contact us here.

You can follow Louis’ progress through his Instagram @world_debris.