Help save the ocean with a Marina Trash Skimmer!

We are bringing back an old post from our Facebook page because of the relevance to our product:

The Marina Trash Skimmer (MTS) is state of the art technology developed and built by Marina Accessories Inc. These Marina Trash Skimmers are the first of its kind and have made great efforts in reducing pollution as well as helping to create a more sustainable ecosystem for marine wildlife.


The trash skimmer in a sense acts as a floating collector often attached to docks in harbors and marinas. As garbage and debris fall into the water, the skimmer sucks the garbage into its trash receptacle removing the trash and preventing the items from freely floating through the water. The skimmer even removes gasoline, diesel, and oil from the water. As a result, the skimmer then pumps out cleaner more oxygen rich water, which greatly reduces the condensed pollution often found in harbors.

They are not only leaving your local harbor looking in better condition but they also help reduce the pollution leaving the water cleaner and richer in oxygen making it great for all marine wildlife populations.