Marina Trash Skimmer Marina Trash Skimmer Marina Trash Skimmer
Marina Trash Skimmer

Floating Trash: A Marina Business Killer
Over 300 billion pounds of plastics produced each year. Large amounts reach our marinas, where customers are turned off and likely to complain to others when they spot it.
Drops of oil can spread over acres of water, having adverse effects on boats, wildlife, and the overall look and feel of a marina.
Organic debris can overwhelm a marina and will eventually sink, resulting in expensive dredging operations. Organic debris includes seaweed, logs, plants, etc.

A Marina Manager’s Best Friend
Marina Trash Skimmers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week collecting trash, soaking up oil, and trapping floating debris. Over 300 gallons of water are cleaned a minute, meaning maintenance crews will clean fewer locations less often, all while the marina stays cleaner than ever.

Debris Collected by Marina Trash Skimmers
Over 736,807 gallons to date.
That's over 500,000 pounds!
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Port of Edmonds, WA, USA Marina CostaBaja, Mexico Miamarina, Miami, FL, USA

Keeping Marinas Clean
Surrounding waters stay healthy and clean when a Marina Trash Skimmer is in operation. Commonly collected debris includes:

  • Styrofoam
  • Glass bottles
  • Cans and containers
  • Plastic bags and wrappers
  • Cardboard
  • Free-floating Organic Material (FOM)
  • Fishing products
  • Oil (if an oil pad is included)

Case Study: Port of San Diego – Final Report – 2011
“...this program is deemed a success because of the sheer volume of debris removed from the marina water, the increased observable clarity of the water and the satisfaction of the marinas and their tenants.”

“Each marina manager has indicated how satisfied they are with their skimmer. Not only do they improve the aesthetics of their marina but the skimmers are easy to use, silent, and save the marina time and money by reducing the marina staff’s workload.” Download the full report

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“The skimmer is working beautifully, and its performance has exceeded our expectations. Without a doubt it was a great investment. We have great reviews from our condo unit owners that live adjacent to the skimmer location, who have recognized the performance of this new equipment.”

Gabriel Ley
Marina Manager
Marina Costa Baja
La Paz, Mexico

“For Dana Point Harbor the benefits of the skimmer appear to be that it has become a reliable labor-saving device operating 24 hours per day gathering marine debris and utilizing minimal amounts of electricity, which we believe will be a valuable long-term contributor to our water quality program.”

Paul Lawrence
Operations Manager
Dana Point Harbor
Orange Country, CA

Marina Trash Skimmer